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 [US-TV] Supernatural

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PostSubject: [US-TV] Supernatural   [US-TV] Supernatural EmptyMon 13 Dec - 0:20

Hello !

Here to talk about something again .
This times will be about a TV show some might already now. It's called SUpernatural .

It comes from the US and the last and final 6th season is currently released !

Supernatural started in 2005. It's a 6 season (at least as far as we know now) serie written by Erik Kripke (and his team~~) It tells the story of 2 brothers Dean and Sam, hunting demons and other supernatural evil creature. And all of it with a rockish soundtrack !

I think that is really a very great show. The scenario is well written. Dialogue are good, characters are funny and I never had to complain about the cast. I think season 1 and 2 are good, season 3 maybe a bit less great but then season 4 and 5 are really really one you can enjoy !
What I like the most is, beside the very fantasy, monster hunt which is kind of things I like, the thing I like ... is that it's really funny. I spend really nice evening enjoying the stupid episodes (some are more serious though).

I know there's at least one other people here watching that may have a different opinion ... or something to add.

@ Cherry : Did you already saw the episodes with Becky ???


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[US-TV] Supernatural
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