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 [J-visu] Indies on Ameba

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Date d'inscription : 2010-09-16

[J-visu] Indies on Ameba Empty
PostSubject: [J-visu] Indies on Ameba   [J-visu] Indies on Ameba EmptyMon 6 Dec - 0:42


Today I thought that I might share some little indie unkown ban I found~~ on Ameba.
And so I create a topic. And today I'll start with :

[J-visu] Indies on Ameba Dolore

Guitar 省吾-SHOGO-
Guitar 叶真-TOWMA-
Bass 玲於奈-LEONA-
Drum 斐静-HIZKA-

Here is their OHP :
And here the myspace : with a different line-up on it. I think their myspace is dead ... ? Well on it you hase some songs (I personnaly like Althea~~)

As for their music, they are very visu-kind (cf invisible for dears) of band with a lot of growling voice with apparently some nice ballad too (cf Forbidden IDEAL).

Here is their OHP :
(I personnaly like Althea~~)

And as a video here is
Forbidden Ideal and for something a bit louder the REBORN C.M.

* + * + *

[J-visu] Indies on Ameba Fbi
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[J-visu] Indies on Ameba
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