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 ☆ Dear Numbers Art Gallery ☆

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Date d'inscription : 2010-09-17

PostSubject: ☆ Dear Numbers Art Gallery ☆   Thu 14 Oct - 1:53

i think it will be a useful topic since there are a lot of users who like drawing so let's show eachother our artworks and discuss :3 i hope youu will like it~ i think it's fun ^^

i'll start now~

my favourite fanart of Tora. i like this one the most because i've tried it several times but it's the first that looks like the photo and it turned out just how i wanted it to be.

the second one is a chibi picture. i was extremely bored in school so i made this one (yeah i know i'm a baaad bad girl u.u") yeah it's me. fangirling over Tora. and its boring for him. quite boring xD

and finally... Tora, wearing a penguin costume xD it's made in MSN so it's not a real drawing.. but it's funny xD Shinyan gave me the idea! :DDD

well yeah... that's all for now. i hope you like them ^^' more coming soon! :D

and noow~ i want to see yours too *-*

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Date d'inscription : 2010-09-16

PostSubject: Re: ☆ Dear Numbers Art Gallery ☆   Thu 14 Oct - 3:55

The pinguin is my favorite XD

The more stupid the more I love !



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☆ Dear Numbers Art Gallery ☆
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