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 13 Rules of the Forum

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Date d'inscription : 2010-09-16

PostSubject: 13 Rules of the Forum   Fri 17 Sep - 0:08


Kyou wa shichigatsu nanoka anata no moto e
Hoshi ga niji wo kakete anata no moto e tsuretette

This place has been created for Alice Nine fans from all around the world to be able to talk and meet each others. We all share at least one thing and probably more so it's time to know each other and not stay in our shell.
This place is for us all and so it's also yours. It'll be what you'll make out of it.
Please make yourself at home. If you have idea or question please don't hesitate to ask or suggest.
Here are the few rules for you to know how to navigate in that place :

1) First of all be kind to each others. We might all be different people with different life but this place is meant to be a rainbow bridge to bring us to others.
Think forward when you post to be sure to not hurt someone feeling. Think forward when you read to be sure you're still open-minded.
If any problem please contact Administrators.

2) As we're meant to be able to meet, language on the forum will be english ! Please try to use the best english you can and english native speaker please be kind to those who might speak fluently languages you don't know at all.

3) When you post a topic or ask a question please check if it's not already existing or answered.
When you create a topic think it's about A9 community not about self-promoting. Any Alice Nine promoting is authorized though.

4) No download or upload will be allowed ! Related request are also useless ! Please support the band as you can : if you like a music be sure to buy the official CD.
No mag scans (sorry) Only blog or screen-cap small pictures. Nothing biger than200x300
Only exeptions allowed are for icons and signs. By the way please be reasonnable with your signs size. DOn't make them wallpapers.

5) [News] area is meant to be important info about the band. Not that Shou new haircut can't be pretty interesting but please those topic have to be posted in [Wonderland].

6) [Review] area is about music, PV and events. Please be careful to not double post.

7) Translations in [Translation] area will be in english. Be careful to not double post. No stealing !!! If you want to take translation from somewhere else please be sure to contact the original translator and credit the said personn.
Please start your topic with adequate code :
[Lyr.] for lyrics
[Art.] for article
[C.M.] for commercial message. For commercial message we'll allowed online video links.

8) [Namae wa] area is for introduction. Introduction topic are not obligatory but it's only One topic per member. Please Start the name of your topic with your country code :
[Brasilia] username...
[England] username...
[Indonesia] username...
[Russia] username...
[U.S.A] username...
If you don't want to tell you country you're a wonderlandian and you live in [Wonderland]

9) [The Dear Number Unit] area is for effective projects. No project can be posted here if Admins didn't check it first. All unauthorized topic will be erased with no mémoire d'une fleur. <3

10) [Alpha D.N.U. Project] you have an idea or a project you want to share or test. Here is the perfect place. You can see if people are interested and if the project worths to be launched ! You can discuss it and maybe make it better and all together chose the great next D.N.U. fan-project.

11) [Blue Planet] area is our area from fans to fans. You want to make a picnic with some other fan, plan a meeting to go to a live or just to see each other at starbucks... this is where you can post your outgoing idea so people can join you.

12) [Takeshita Dori] is meant for you to exchange or trade you Alice nine related belongings. Only official merchandising is allowed. No fake, untrusty personn will be banned. Plus, this is not ebay, only Alice nine merchandasing is allowed. This is not for all your CD and fourniture.

13) Be kind to each other ! Once again. But this is really the most important rule in that place. Only kindness matters.


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13 Rules of the Forum
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